Question, When's Robin Rowe's Kick-Off Party?

By tradition, Beverly Hills politicians seeking office throw luxury house parties to congratulate themselves for running. Potential voters are invited to observe close up the politician in her or his natural environment, like exotic animals at the Wild Animal Park. Guests are offered catered finger food that will mostly go uneaten. The main event is a speech flattering the politician for her or his many good intentions. As guests leave, the hosts tap them for donations, beg for money. As a parting gift, guests receive a vanity yard sign emblazoned with the politician's name.

Beverly Hills City Council candidate Robin Rowe won't be impressing anyone with a show of wealth or giving out vanity yard signs.

Citizens who want to bring real Beverly Hills issues to candidate Rowe's attention, and discuss practical solutions, are invited to email Robin Rowe at or call Robin's personal number at 323-535-0952.

Robin Rowe for City of Beverly Hills City Council

Robin Rowe
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Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Statement
Candidate Robin Rowe
Manager, Financial Services

If elected to City Council, I’ll make the streets of Beverly Hills safer and more secure.

I helped make the City of Beverly Hills protect Nessah synagogue. After Nessah was vandalized in 2019, I briefed our chief of police how the City Council had neglected to protect our city’s many synagogues. Beverly Hills had installed thousands of security cameras, yet none pointed at Nessah.

The day after my meeting with the chief of police, city workers were outside Nessah installing security cameras. Except for a City Council blunder, an expensive Beverly Hills police investigation could have been avoided, with the perpetrator caught in the act.

The Incumbents, career politicians bankrolled by luxury real estate developers and hedge fund investors, say to reelect them because they’ve provided not only the most expensive police force, but also spent millions of taxpayer dollars on a private security force to do the same job. Will we keep spending more or elect a more capable manager with national security experience?

My experience… I’m a senior manager at a $20 billion financial services company. I chaired a subcommittee that defined best practices for securing our nation’s banks. I managed development of a Department of Defense AI crisis detection system. For the navy, I built a VR system used to train Special Forces for missions in Europe.

I’ve lived in Beverly Hills for 20 years with my wife Gabrielle Pantera-Rowe. I’m a citizen who wants to improve our community by doing more, not spending more.

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Media or voter inquiries, call 323-535-0952

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